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3D Printing – What it is and how it works

3D printing is something that has become more and more popular in recent times. Many objects can be created by printing them out using a 3D printer from a digital file. The objects are made by printing layer by layer until the full object is finished.

3D printing works by creating a virtual design of the object or item that you wish to make. Your machine then figures out which layer to start printing first and then continues printing layer by layer until the full object is completed. The printer uses files in STL format which contain three-dimensional polygons which the printer use in order to create the desired object. Designers can use software in order to create their 3D models which they wish to print out if they have access to, or own, a 3D printer. However, people who wish to print out ready-made objects and designs can do so as the files of many objects are available to be downloaded off of the internet to be printed out locally.

There are many possibilities when it comes to 3D printing, there is an extremely wide range of things that can be created with this modern piece of technology; as the availability of different designs is ever growing because technology is always evolving. People have created a wide range of things – ranging from small figurines and fun little projects, all the way up to entire buildings and hearing aids.

In the near future we should be able to print things like prosthetic limbs, food and things for astronauts to use on the go when they are on missions in space. 3D printing will be an interesting invention in the future when creating things like these becomes possible. I think printing three-dimensional products is the way forward in technology, and am excited to see the possibilities that these machines offer in the future.

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