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A straight look at Curved Screens and the iPhone8

Since their release, curved monitors have attracted a lot of attention. And up until today; it was rumoured that the new iPhone8 was going to have a curved display. Now ever since it has been confirmed to only be a rumour, people have gone from loving the idea of a curved screen to not being so keen on it. This makes us ask the question “Why were we so hyped for it in the first place?”

It is generally believed that a curved display will help improve your immersion with whatever you’re watching, but something often glossed over is that you have to spend up to three times more or a curved screen when you can get a perfectly normal flat one that does the same job. I can understand ramped up prices for screens that are forty inches wide, but if you want a normal 27-inch monitor it’s around 350 dollars curved. Furthermore, you have to be sat directly in front of the screen that you’re watching for a proper viewing experience. This is a huge fault as it makes viewing with family or friends nigh-on impossible. This is made even more of a problem by the next big problem. They are extremely difficult to bolt onto a wall.

Samsung has offered a solution to both theses problems with their new product, the “flexible” screen. The flexible screen allows you to quickly switch between curved and flat screens with a simple press of a button. Now, this comes with its own downside in that it is most likely going to be very expensive, especially considering that a curved screen already costs a hefty sum more than a normal screen. This means that if you are looking for a screen for the whole family, you shouldn’t get a curved screen.

That only leaves one major market for curved screens, gamers. If you’re a gamer then you don’t have the problem of multiple viewers, as you’ll be the only one on your PC. You don’t need to worry about dual monitor setups because you can but 40-inch monitors to cover your whole desk. But even this comes with its faults. Firstly, if you want to be immersed like the advertisements say, then you’ll be unhappy to know that you will have to sit unnaturally close to the screen, and even more annoying than that, nausea. Many gamers have said that prolonged exposure to curved screens can induce nausea. I think it’s safe to say that if you’re buying a curved screen for your gaming experience, then you’re a hardcore gamer, and therefore you’re bound to have at least some prolonged exposure to the PC.

This is why to go back to my original topic, I don’t think it’s a huge loss to not have a curved screen on the new iPhone8, especially considering that 256GB iPhone 7 already costs 920 pounds, and apple have already announced that they are improving the 3D touch function from the iPhone7, which is bound to drive up prices. One thing is for sure, if you aren’t glad that the iPhone 8 isn’t going to have a curved screen, your wallet will be.

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