About us | Bleu IT - IT Support based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands

About us

Bleu IT Consultants Limited is a boutique Information Technology consultancy company, specialising in the support of individuals, and small businesses (typically up to 50 users).

Bleu IT was initially created to service the IT needs of three small fiduciary businesses in Guernsey using the combined resources of their internal IT department.

We now provide services and support to around 180 clients in Guernsey and other jurisdictions, as well as across many sectors outside of finance.

We pride ourselves on a personal service for all our clients, with an intimate knowledge of the client’s Information Technology infrastructure as well as a general understanding of their business. Knowing what our clients do is essential in helping us to provide their current services and to assist them with the deployment of new services and systems that can expand or improve their business.