Business Continuity | Bleu IT - IT Support based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands

Business Continuity

We now also offer a cost effective Business Continuity Service. The service provides a secure co-location data centre in which to store your backup servers, and the option to utilise a space for staff seating.

Data Centre

  • Rack space for offsite servers
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply using battery backup
  • Uplink connectivity to Business Continuity Suite

Business Continuity Suite

  • Suite space for 15 users
  • 5 PC’s on invocation
  • Up to 16 business telephones

Phone system

  • 16 phones available immediately including a reception phone
  • Option to increase to 32 if required
  • ISDN2 phone lines available

Internet connectivity

  • Leased lines available over fibre optic connections with C&W Guernsey
  • ADSL lines available for Business Broadband connectivity with any provider