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Google Glass – Where has it gone!

Some of you may be wondering where Google Glass has disappeared to, one of the most talked about techs during 2014 just up and disappeared perhaps it tried its own pair on and got lost with google maps (joking aside). The product seemed to just drop off of everyone’s radar which is extremely weird as it’s a mini computer which you can use as glasses! It sounded like an amazing idea at the time but as it started being revealed the product dropped in popularity very quickly, there were issues with privacy and security and people weren’t sure if Google could use this to spy on you. The privacy being that Google or any person who knows their tech could potentially hack into it being able to see everything you do and more, this would be very worrying and if Google could have guaranteed that it was impossible for that to happen I believe that the product would have sold like hotcakes!

I mean it had so many mind- blowing applications and programs which could change and make your life so much easier such as getting directions to a friend’s house, shop or any destination and you could see it through your own two eyes instead of getting a satnav!

One of the problems Google Glass encountered was when it was revealed they had it called Project Google Glass which left nothing to anyone’s imagination, they should have named it something else as this would have kept everyone guessing and increased interest in the product. Their videos should have been released closer to the release date, in my opinion they had a poorly choice of name before the release and showed too much of their product before it came out. A huge problem which made Google Glass even more desolate is that many had it banned from use while driving, going to the theatre, any gambling buildings and they also had it banned in post soviet countries. Russia and Ukraine having a law which bans use of any spy related gadgets.

A lot of experts from universities began testing out just how safe Google Glass really is and had a breakthrough. They created malicious apps that could trick Google Glass into taking a picture of a malicious QR code, an app that tracked other people putting in their codes to tablets by tracking finger shadows. The program also converts the shadows allowing the program to get the password. There were also concerns for people who could use Google Glass to record anyone in public without their permission, recording conversations of others and recording anyone without them knowing. A lot of companies banned Google Glass as soon as they heard about it as it could disrupt their work and people wouldn’t be working efficiently.

Although we won’t be seeing Google Glass for a little while sometime in the future Google Glass 2 will be unveiled as former executive of Apple, Tony Fadell is working on the new product and said “It won’t be released until he deemed it perfect”. So hopefully we can look forward to that and soon everyone will be using Google Glass and all of its safe and amazing applications, also hopefully they will sort out the look of the glasses and we don’t look like characters out of star trek!


Credit to Scott Johnson for the comic and Wikipedia for the info.

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