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October 21 2015, the day Dr Emmet Brown and his companion Marty McFly Travelled to from the year 1985 in their time machine at the beginning of the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’, an infamous scene in movie history occurred on this trip, Marty McFly escaping the hands of bullies on a hoverboard. A skateboard without wheels, hovering instead of rolling. But will it be possible for this to happen on October 21st of this year? Although it is unlikely mass production will happen by then, it is not unlikely that hoverboards will exist, and the scene could be recreated in real life.

The Hendo Hover was the world’s first working ‘hoverboard’, with the promotion by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, it showed the public that hoverboards are not sci-fi, they are definitely possible to make. But I personally do not count the Hendo Hover as a hoverboard itself due to the fact that it relies on repelling magnets to keep it ¬†off the ground; this means that in order for the boards to work anywhere, we would have to pave the entire surface of earth with magnets to repel it away from the ground. The Hendo Hover will be amazing for skate parks designed for them, but they could not recreate the famous Back to the Future scene. Especially since you cannot dissolve the magnets into water so the board can only work on land, unlike the ones from Back the the Future.

However, the Hendo Hover is not the only real life hoverboard; there is another that we know almost nothing about, but it looks promising. The Lexus Hoverboard (currently named ‘the Slide’); all we have seen of it is this¬†video, and leaked information from Lexus. this hoverboard also relies on magnetism, but instead of requiring magnets on the ground, this hoverboard forms its own magnets through a nitrogen cooled superconductor, meaning it will work, anywhere, even above water. However, this is not a perfect design, from what can be seen in the trailer, many people have assumed that the board is not capable of supporting the weight of a human being; which is why we doe not see any actual skating in the trailer. This is further evidenced by the half a second time period where the person has his foot on the hoverboard; the hoverboard does not seem to stay upright, but drops on the side he is stepping onto; so although the concept is perfect for the scene in Back to the Future, the board will have to be tweaked to be capable of recreating it.

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