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Lenovo PC Stick or Intel Compute Stick and Office 365

You are looking to buy a new computer and can’t seem to find anything that is cheap or practical for you, so you started to read this post that you came across on the internet.

I have been looking at these since they were announced by their manufacturers at a keynote some time ago; it was all over the internet, now people just need to know what these things are capable of…..

They are both fully functional computers they have RAM, a Processor, some Storage and an HDMI output. They also have expansion in the form of micro SD slots and you can insert up to 128GB in it. But one of the best things about them is the fact that they can run Windows 8.1 (Ed: and no doubt Windows 10) with no problems at all and they are the size of a Nokia brick.

The things that you lose are the possibility for expansion if you need more storage, lets say you fill your SD card up, and your on-board storage. But there is a solution ….the cloud offers a lot of bang per buck, because it lets you store all of your data somewhere else and not have to worry about running out of room. You can get it for free from lots of different sites, for example with Microsoft’s OneDrive you get to have 20GB for free, and then if you upgrade and get Office 365 (Which will run on these mini computers is well), you will get 1TB of storage that I’m sure that you will never fill up. (Ed:well not in the next year anyway).

Office 365 is a cloud based service that allows you to run Word, Excel and other office apps in the cloud but also allows you to download the newest version of Office for free, (or as part of your subscription at least), as well on your devices. Being able to edit your documents online on the Office 365 website it lets you do almost everything that you would be able to do with the full version.

These little computers pack a punch, but do they cost you a arm and a leg? Well, no they don’t! They actually give you a lot of value for money.

  • The Intel Compute stick costs £109.99 and gives you a Intel Atom processor and 2gb of SDRAM that should be able to run all of the applications that you need it to do.
  • The Lenovo comes in at £94.99 and gives you the same specification, but you get the option to get a 64GB version as opposed to the restricted 32GB Intel version.

So which one will you pick? Intel or Lenovo?

Is office 365 going to be your Cloud choice? Do you think the cloud be part of your digital life? Let me know in the comments.

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