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Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch

Samsung just launched the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in New York and London, but is it going to be the game changing device they say it is?

Bigger screens, almost no bezel, a hidden Home button, multiple biometric sensors, a new digital assistant called Bixby, and a desktop experience (Dex) … the event was steeped in hype as expected but is this all really innovation?

The new larger curved screen, dubbed Infinity, does look great and will apparently provide higher resolution and richer colours, but it seems more of a progression rather than a revolution.

The hidden home button is not entirely new either, as Microsoft phones have this already and without the extra hardware. Samsung say it feels better though I’ll have to reserve judgement on that until¬†I get my hands on one.

Microsoft also had the jump on Samsung with facial recognition with the Lumia 950, but there are more options here on the S8 with fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition. The demos showed an almost instant response in the unlock process, whereas the Lumia can take a few seconds to recognise the user. Choice seems to be the key on security for the S8, with pin and password bringing the total to five.

Bixby might be the game changer, context is everything when it comes to digital assistants, and it seems that this butler might be the one to smash it.

And finally … Dex …. this is a cool feature along the lines of Microsoft’s Continuum feature on the Lumia 950. This has the potential to pull the business users in, especially as Microsoft are providing all the business apps for Android devices that users will want.

Will the game be changed? I guess we’ll all find out on the 21st April.


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