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The Apple Watch

It has been a few months since the release of Apple’s new innovation attempt, a smart-watch; Apple is notorious for innovating the tech market after transforming the mp3 player, smartphone and tablet markets from niche to mainstream, even after the immense doubts about the ipad concept, where people were claiming nobody would be interested in ‘a larger iphone’.

Many people would say that in the past 15 years apple has had the Midas touch in innovation; it doesn’t seems to matter what they design, their gambles into new markets are never unsuccessful. But will their new invention, The apple Watch, be the first to fail?

The ipad, which also had its popularity doubted before launch, absolutely dwarfed the sales forecasts in the first year of their launch. In 2010, the ipad sales forecasts ranged from 1.1-7 million units, averaging at around 3.3 million units. However, in 2010 alone the IPad managed to sell 14.8 million units globally; quickly making tablets part of the tech mainstream, and pushing their competitors to follow in their footsteps. Now lets compare this to the apple watch forecasts, before release, the estimated sales in the first 12 months of launch was 30 million units, the higher number is largely due to massively increased interest in gadgets in the past 5 years, especially those that are branded ‘apple’. Now that the apple watch has been release, the figures have increased to 36 million units; which is a lot higher, but is it high enough to innovate the market?

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