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The Microsoft Hololens: Augmented Reality

Modern technology is advancing far more quickly than most of us imagined, and now big companies like Microsoft and Sony are attempting to take it to the next level by creating gadgets that can augment reality, combining the real and virtual worlds into one.

At this year’s E3, which took place on the 19th of June, we were shown what Microsoft’s take on augmented reality was really capable of; as they showed us the capabilities of their ‘hololens’, a visor that we can put on, and see real life 3D holograms around the room. the hololens is designed to be compatible with the upcoming windows 10, so we will be able to browse the internet and skype our friends without the need for a PC, tablet or smart phone.

The hololens was also revealed to be compatible with video games such as Minecraft, bringing your virtual worlds to real life; as well as 3D modelling software, allowing the us to see our models in 3D as we sculpt them. The hololens could open up a world of opportunities; but with the lack of actual footage we have seen, and the multitude of reviewer complaints that there has been concerning the device’s tiny field of view; we can only hope that it will live up to our high expectations, or if it doesn’t, that something else will.

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