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When will the self-driving car come ?

Google self-driving car… there’s a new car on the streets and there have only been 2 ever made.

These cars cost up to £2 million. But it is worth the price because all you have to do is when you have started to drive you put it into auto pilot and it will take over.

It can drive you anywhere at the click of a button and a voice command for where you are going on the satnav (GPS). It can’t park automatically but when you want to have a rest, you just put it on and let it drive for its self. The steering wheel also retracts so you have more room to move around and enjoy your journey.

There is a down side to the Google car though, and that is it is powered by electricity and whilst it uses all that battery power efficiently, the car still runs out relatively quickly. But that does not mean that you are not able to drive it from one part of the country to the other because it comes with its own power supply and it does that to make sure you don’t run out in the middle of no where.


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