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Xbox- Project Scorpio

At the most recent E3 conference in Los Angeles Microsoft have announced their new console, the Xbox- Project Scorpio, this console is the most powerful console to date, and includes an 8 core CPU and promises 6 teraflops of processing power.

This new creation from Microsoft claims to support “Fully native 4k gaming” unlike the rest of the current generation of consoles which only support HD 1080p gaming. Along with this the new console will also offer multi platform gaming, on titles like Rocket League where you will be able to play with users from other Microsoft products. But is 4k gaming a real selling point for most home users? Probably not. Although the uprising of 4k televisions in home the vast majority of people still use a 1080p screen, making Project Scorpio of no benefit to them.

But that’s not all, at E3 this year Microsoft also announced their other new revamped console, the Xbox One S, “S” standing for slim as the console is 40% slimmer that its predecessor console, The well known Microsoft product the “Power Brick” has been removed from the system also, which would make a great selling point for users who want a clean console. It also includes a 2TB hard drive, compared to the previous 500GB and 1TB modelsThe new colour scheme of the Xbox “Robot White” as Microsoft calls it looks very aesthetically pleasing and will satisfy lots of customers who were keen on the looks of the “Sunset Overdrive Edition” Xbox One console that was white also. Although the Xbox One S doesn’t support 4k gaming, it supports 4k video playback and Blu Ray. The release date of the console is August 2016, and Project Scorpio is due late 2017.

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